All SnarkMugs originate right here. Each one is a completely original creation developed by our crack team, and sold only by us. If you see our brand of snark sold elsewhere under a different name or mark, it's a copycat – and assuredly not of the same quality. It's also pretty shitty. We ask that you please not feed the trolls.

Most mugs on the open road are priced higher and stand shorter. We don't offer mere novelty. Hefty SnarkMugs are an extra-large 15 ounces for thirsty MFers. There is no better value – we looked. We stand behind the quality of our products 100 percent, so unlike your Tinder date last night, this order is risk-free.

Shipping anywhere in the U.S. is just $5.99 for one mug or a flat $6.99 for as many mugs as you can fit in your cupboard. (International shipping is only $9.99 for one mug; just $11.99 for two or more.)

These mugs makes us happy. We hope they make you happy, too.



PS- If you're looking for a unique memento for a corporate event or bridal party, we accept commissions. We can provide everything including snarky designs and clever copy, or you can just give us art and direction and we'll happily shut up and do what we're told.