Pretty Little Psycho Ex

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The say don't engage, but what do they know? It's time for a mindfuck-o-gram! Perfect for that ex who ruined your credit, or for beautifying your own stalker space and showing potential new targets just how dedicated you can be.


Fancy Features:

• FDA-approved ORCA Coating® infuses dyes at the molecular level, providing  stupid vivid color reproduction and an incredibly long life

• An extra-large 15 ounces, because we're not just here for the novelty

• Snarky printing on both sides of the high-gloss, premium finish

• Fine and weighty ceramic...we don’t play

• Lovingly brainmade and custom-designed in the USA

• Both dishwasher and microwave safe

• Conversation starter – or ender

• 4.5"H x 4.5W x 3.4"D

• 10.75" Circumference