one cup, two cup, three cup, f*#@ up

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You know that point where you shouldn't have had that last cup of coffee, and now you're sweating and talking too fast and your hands are shaking and you can't remember what you just told Bob about that report for Monday? Never has failure been such a Seussian delight! 


Fancy Features:

• FDA-approved ORCA Coating® infuses dyes at the molecular level, providing stupid vivid color reproduction and an incredibly long life

• An extra-large 15 ounces, because we're not just here for the novelty

• Snarky printing on both sides of the high-gloss, premium finish

• Fine and weighty ceramic...we don’t play

• Lovingly brainmade and custom-designed in the USA

• Both dishwasher and microwave safe

• Conversation starter – or ender

• 4.5"H x 4.5W x 3.4"D

• 10.75" Circumference